BEG Beach Day 2014


With dark clouds, strong winds and miserable showers of rain forecast on a Sunday afternoon in August, a small but intrepid group met on Coldingham Sands, at the mouth of the Buskin Burn, to hold the annual BEG beach day.

The beautiful bay, protected by the headlands was windswept but dry and with the sun shining, the group were soon tucking into sand-specked sandwiches.

The explorers decided that the North Sea looked so warm, that four of them did what explorers do best and ventured out into the surf, where they found that they had been mistaken and returned to the beach.

A treasure hunt full of challenges formed the main activity of the day and soon the group had built sandcastles with flags, made sand angels, taken part in quite a competitive long jump competition, and explored the rock pools for living creatures.

The group rewarded themselves with cake for a job well done and are looking forward to hitting the beach next year!





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