Bolivia Training Weekend 2

Our base camp under a beautiful rainbow.

Training weekend 2 took place from Friday 21st October to Sunday 23rd October 2016 at Lilliesleaf.

When we arrived at the village hall on the Friday night we dropped our heavy rucksacks off our shoulders and partook in some ceilidh dancing to warm ourselves up as it was absolutely freezing! Following that we did several activities, including designing our Base Camp and going over risk factors for the expedition. After this we dozed off to sleep in our sleeping bags on the wooden floor at about 11 o’clock.

The Bolivia expedition’s first ‘base camp.’

Sharply woken up at 7 the next morning, we got ourselves ready for the intense 10 minute hike to our camping location for the Saturday night! Here we set up the Base Camp we had previously planned out, each of us having a different task to complete (mines personally being the honour of digging the toilet pit!) before getting on with the rest of our busy day which included team games such as moving hay bales from one point to another with blindfolds on and racing one another on make shift three-man-skis! (Basically just long planks of wood).

Blindfolded activities, which were much harder than they looked!

Other activities that day included learning how to cross a river safely as a team and finding out how to clean your whole body with just one cup of water! (Surprisingly effective). That night while we were all asleep the leaders began to bash pots and pans, screaming “CODE 1!” which means to get out your tent as fast as possible and meet at a rendezvous point. This thankfully was just a drill but the baltic conditions had given me such a shock my body took ages to calm back down and catch a few more hours sleep.

Morning came too early on Sunday to say the least.

Learning how to do a (very cold) river crossing.

However we still rose, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to tackle the day. After breakfast we took down Base Camp and headed back for our, not-so, cosy little hall. Once back at the hall we learnt a bit about observational skills and how to get the most out of our experience in Bolivia, before having a group discussion on what to do for our adventure phase of the expedition (still to be confirmed) until we were picked up at 2:30pm by our parents.

Personally I really enjoy the training weekends,  I feel each one is better than the last and it is noticeable how much stronger the team is becoming. We’ll be ready in no time!

Spooky pumpkins by the bonfire.

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