Bolivia 2017

Training weekend 2

The Bolivia training weekend 2 (which was much warmed and drier than training weekend 1) diary is available here. Read how we’re preparing for the expedition, including being taught about risk, river crossings, and how to wash using only a cup of water!

Training weekend 1 

Interested in what a typical Bolivia training weekend might involve? Read our first training weekend diary here! It involves games, hiking, failed campsites, and an emergency evacuation!

7th September 2016
Hello from the 2017 expedition team!
We have a big update about the 2017 expedition: after consideration between the leaders and the BEG committee, a decision has been made to change the destination of the 2017 expedition away from Brazil and to Bolivia. The decision was made principally due to Zika and the uncertain political situation in Brazil.
The new destination of Bolivia enables us to still go to South America, but stay high enough so that we’re away from Mosquitos. It’s a country where we can do a lot to help local communities, and we’ve already started to make connections with possible projects there. We’re all really excited about going to Bolivia, and thank everyone who has been involved so far for their help and support!
– The Bolivia 2017 team

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