Malawi 2014 Thanks



I would like to start out by saying a massive thank you to everyone who made this trip possible! For all your continued support and your generosity. Your kindness helped 41 volunteers get to Malawi to make a difference.

The expedition started in Kuti, a reservation park that’s linked with an education centre just outside Lilongwe. Various jobs were carried out here, making fire bricks from recycled materials, erecting a monkey enclosure, painting tired buildings, hoeing fire breaks to stop poachers burning down more than one section of the park, these are only a few of the jobs we did. Then we went onto Nankhwali, what a wonderful reception, children singing and dancing, so delighted to see us. We worked closely with the youth group of Nankhwali in the villages to construct new grass partitions for the old, blind and disabled people. We witnessed how poor the facilities were in the nursery and what little toys the children had to play with. The skills of the team were on point and painted the alphabet and animals on the walls to cheer the room up. Gifts of toys were left too. In the evenings we exchanged cultures with singing, dancing and playing musical instruments.

We visited Lake Malawi, (paradise) as we travelled to the next community phase in Utale with the leprosy community. Our first large gathering with the villagers was a church service. The choir sang like a chorus of angels, truly amazing! After mass we went to the Leprosy Village to meet the chief and his people. The people of the village were so welcoming and very happy to see us. The work in this village was building two new long drops (toilets) and irrigation. Team Malawi 2014 had raised money to pay for all materials and builders. Thomas the Malawian builder, project managed us and carried on the unfinished work when we left. One long drop almost finished and the majority of the second completed. Irrigation work meant we had to loosen up the solid soil that encased the roots of the vegetables, thus allowing the water to soak in much easier.

Our trip finished with a climb up Mount Mulanje, what an amazing experience, pretty awesome but hard 3 day trek!

Overall the trip to Malawi was very humbling, awe-inspiring, rewarding and exciting, highs and lows with memories that will never fade.

Thank you Malawi for allowing us to visit and do a little for you!

He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.(Epictetus)
this little quote is so true of the beautiful Malawian people.

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