Borders Exploration Group

The Borders Exploration Group was a charity run by a group of volunteer adults to assist in the physical, mental and spiritual development of young people through the challenges of expeditions - both overseas and at home. The goal was to help young people from the Scottish Borders to develop communication skills and learn the value of working as a team. The Borders Exploration Group aimed to raise awareness of environmental concerns and to educate young people in understanding other cultures and peoples.

Borders Exploration Group's main activities were International and European expeditions. Expeditions typically involved a community phase, an adventure phase, a project phase and an environmental phase. International expeditions went to Lesotho, Ecuador, Kenya, Mongolia, India, Peru, Vietnam, Zambia, Chile, Cuba, Malawi and Bolivia. European expeditions went to the Rhine Valley, Romania, the Pyrenees, Norway, Poland, Ukraine and Austria.

As well as expeditions the Borders Exploration Group also ran several local events based in the UK including business and youth challenge days, Scottish expeditions, training days and members' events. Scottish expeditions included trips to the Isle of Skye, the Isle of Rum and the West Coast of Scotland on a converted fishing trawler.

Borders Exploration Group was dissolved by it's committee on the 25th of March 2019. You can read the minutes and dissolution proposal here. This decision was not taken lightly and came after a long period of difficulty in recruiting sufficient numbers of members required to run an international charity of this scale. All equipment and monies were donated to worthy charities and causes.

Borders Exploration Group has been an incredibly successful organisation, we want people to look back and celebrate everything it has given to the local community and all the countries we have successfully visited and helped in some capacity. We can take pride in what has been achieved in the name of Borders Exploration Group. We can look back on some 30 years of International Expeditions and the opportunities and experiences provided to the participants. We can remember the wide and varied list of projects undertaken, countries visited, communities supported, and friends made in the places we went to. The most important thing is that BEG is remembered for what it has given and although it is extremely sad that we cannot secure a future for the organisation nothing can take away from the opportunities, friendships and life changing experiences it has given. That is something very special and something to be extremely proud of and that should not be forgotten.
Chairperson Rachel Thomson - March 2019

You can find some more information about Borders Exploration Group on Facebook.

The Borders Exploration Group paper and physical archives are stored at Hawick Heritage Hub.