Member Events

Every now and again, we organise a Residential Weekend for Leaders only, to allow Leaders to learn / improve / revise any of their skills in a more relaxed situation, and to also just have a good sociable weekend.

Task one, to find the hall. We had been promised a fine hall in the middle of Craik forest near Hawick. In the event, forestry work had altered the tracks shown on the map, but eventually everyone found their way to the Hostel, a very fine building, in a brilliant setting, it had comfy beds, a proper kitchen and hot showers, far too much comfort for a normal training weekend, though just right for our purposes. We began with a discussion on our Emergency Procedure, which got quite intense at times, raising many of the issues and producing a number of worthwhile ideas. After that, some relaxing ice breakers, just to make sure they were suitable for use with Venturers on their Training Weekends!!! And so to bed, around 1:30am.

Saturday morning saw Alan Young at his happiest; making porridge, good & thick. After breakfast casualty handling was the chosen topic, followed by Map Work and "compassy things" (© C Kitchener 2000), then literally tying ourselves in knots on rope skills. A Barbecue and more Ice Breakers rounded of the Saturday, a very informative, pleasant and relaxing day. Sunday morning, Jim McP's turn to make the porridge - slicy stuff!! good & really thick. Then on to a gentle walk in the surrounding forest, we thought. With the "youngsters" of the group, Clare & Kirsty leading we had a much more energetic walk!! and covered more miles in a shorter time, much more satisfying than the hoped for gentle stroll they told us!!

Clean up the Centre, re stock the wood pile, pack up and head for home. And so ended a very enjoyable weekend for all who took part. Many thanks to Vicky for all her effort & determination in making it the success it was. Thanks also to all the Activity Leaders; when will the next one be? because they're good.

10th Aniversary BEG Ball