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Austria 2015 Itinerary

Date Travel Accommodation
Tue 30th June Travel to Edinburgh, Fly to MunichEZY6913; Dep 18:05; Arr 21:20 Hostel haus international (hi), Elisabethstraße 87   D-80797 München
Tel:     +49 (0)89 12006 0  Fax:     +49 (0)89 12006 630
Wed 1st July Travel to Innsbruck; Depart  10:20; Arrive 12:40(FlixBus GmbH, Sandstraße 3, D-80335 München);on to Thaur; (Local Bus) view Project Hut at Project (Thaurer Alm)
Thu 2nd July Environmental Work Hut at Project (Thaurer Alm)
Fri 3rd July Environmental Work Hut at Project (Thaurer Alm)
Sat 4th July Travel to Innsbruck; Explore City
Hostel Marmota, Tummelplatzweg 2, Innsbruck, A-6020, AustriaTelephone: +436647975126,  Email:
Sun 5th July Travel to Haiming; (Local Transport); Set up camp, Address: Magerbach 2, Haiming 6425, AustriaLocation: Europe >  Austria >  Austrian Alps >  Tirol >  HaimingPhone Number: 43 650 8860601
Mon 6th July Cycling, Open water swimming
Tue 7th July Walk? / Other activity (tba)
Wed 8th July Glacier Walk (tbc)
Thu 9th July Walk? / Other activity (tba)
Fri 10th July White Water Rafting
Sat 11th July Travel to Munich; Depart 13:30; Arr 15:50(FlixBus GmbH, Sandstraße 3, D-80335 München);  Explore City
SMART STAY Hostel Munich City
Mozartstrasse 4 , Munich , 80336 , Germany Telephone: +49-(0)89-5587970
Mon 13th July Dachau Visit (Local Transport)
Tue 14th July Day in Munich; fly to Edinburgh, Travel HomeEZY 6914; Dep 21:50; Arr 23:10 home

4/7/15 - Report from the first few days in Austria

The group outside the hut at Thaur Alm, working with the local community re-establishing grazing pasture for the village

Our flight on Tuesday was around 6.05 and we safely landed in Munich 2 hours and 20 minutes later. We then travelled across town to the youth hostel which was much nicer than we anticipated. The next morning after breakfast we made our way by several buses, trains and trams to the environmental phase of our expedition which was situated above the town of Thaur. The most exciting part of the journey was when the bus broke down as we drove up the mountain and we ended up having to walk a small part of the way. The hut that was to be our accommodation for the next three nights was comfortable and cosy. There was a cafe close to the hut which was well used during our stay and we tasted a range of local cuisine including dumplings, noodle soup and plenty bread and ham. Our two days on the mountain were cut short by a thunder storm which had us sprinting back to the hut. The work mainly consisted of cutting down trees and shifting rocks in the scorching sun. Marina and Thomas showed us what to do and kept our spirits high with their humour and made us laugh with their off translations. On Saturday we walked down the mountain and travelled back to Innsbruck. The heat seemed to rise the further we ventured into the city. We then spent the day exploring the old town of Innsbruck and munching on various foods. The highlight of the sites was definitely seeing the golden roof even though it was smaller than expected. Also some of us were trembling at the knees when we reached the top of the tower where we were able to see across the city. We are writing this from the hostel Marmota in Innsbruck, our accommodation for the night. We will travel to Haiming tomorrow to begin our adventure phase.

Jo, Marisa and Bethany

7/7/15 - Hi from Austria.

A wee update since last Saturday. Now established at Campsite beside camping Alm.
Went cycling on Monday, very hot, and a lot of uphill, so quite a challenge. A "short walk" today turned into another tester for all concerned, lot of uphill, very hot and humid, turns out that today was hottest EVER recorded at Innsbruck. Almost force irrigating the group to keep all hydrated.

Canyoning tomorrow, Neuschwanstan castle, Oberamergou and Garmisch on Thursday, White Water rafting on Friday, head back to Munich on Saturday for last few days.
All good, if a few blisters, sore bums, insect bites and a wee bit too much sun, though nothing serious.
Thank you to all for your help.

Jim :-)


We got to Haiming by train which only took about 30 minutes so it wasn't too bad, especially as every time we move venue we have to haul our heavy rucksacks. Our camping venue is about a 20 minute walk from the train station. The weather here is glorious. On our first full day here we went on a bike ride to the Piburger See, a lake, 12 kilometers away from Haiming. It took about 3 hours to bike there as it was all uphill. It wasn't just a hill, it was up the side of the valley. We all had a great time at the lake and the two trained lifeguards of the group were able to put their skills into action as one of the venturers wasn't as confident a swimmer as the others. It took less than half the time to get back to camp as it was all down hill, freewheeling. However, it wasn't all great as some of us on the bike ride took tumbles, but all are fine and well. We also had an amazing BBQ to make up for the tough day. On the second day of our adventure phase we went for a walk up the valley. All of the group struggled with the walk because the heat was overwhelming, which we later found out that it was the hottest day ever recorded in the area at a scorching 38 degrees! At the top of the hill we bought juices from a wee hotel where the woman serving spoke no English, which turned out more challenging than originally thought. We headed back down the hill to go to the swimming pool. The pool was the light at the end of the tunnel for most of us. All together the walk took us about 5 hours, so it's safe to say we all slept well that night. Our third day of the adventure phase was canyoning. This was so much fun. All of us taking part in the canyoning overcame a fear they never originally knew they had. We were faced with heights, slopes, slides and basically cliff sides. The feeling of achievement at the end was overwhelming and we were rewarded with cheesy dumplings. We have 2 more nights here in Haiming and we are heading to Neuschwanstein castle tomorrow.



Chloe Purves BA in Business and Enterprise (BABE!!!) who today should have Graduated from the Napier University, but chose to be in Austria with us, so just to make up for this, we had our own wee ceremony, with several bemused onlookers

The group today at Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany


"Adventure phase finished. Very enjoyable, very challenging. Now in Innsbruck bus station in plenty of time to get our bus to Munich. All good. Jim :-)"
"Arrived Munich hostel, settled in rooms, about to go exploring nearby areas. Jim"


Thursday was a much anticipated day as the group had organized to
visit Neuschwanstein castle and it's fair to say the castle lived up
to expectation. We travelled by bus with our own personal tour guide,
Gary, one of the men from the campsite. The journey to the castle took
roughly two hours but the scenery on the way made it seem shorter.
Upon arrival we walked up to the castle where Gary got us our tickets
for the castle tour. While waiting we surprised Chloe with a
graduation as she was missing her official ceremony back in Scotland.
We then spent an hour and a half walking around the castle grounds
taking pictures of the castle and it's surroundings. At 12:35 we began
our tour of the castle and it lasted 35 minutes during which we were
shown some of King Ludwig's magnificent rooms. After the tour
concluded we walked back down the hill to our tour bus and started our
journey home which included a trip to Oberammergau, a small
picturesque town famous for the passion play every ten years but
because we missed the play we consoled ourselves with ice cream and a
browse in the well known Christmas shop. Afterwards we departed back
to the bus and set off back to our campsite in Haiming.

The day after visiting the castle the group went white water rafting
with the company that was situated on the campsite. We got suited up
at 9:00am and headed off in two taxis to start the rafting upstream.
When we arrived we were shown the safety procedures by our rafting
guides, Will and Danny. After that we started our 14km journey
downstream. It wasn't long before we encountered rapids. Both rafts
coped well with the rapids despite a few individuals being scared of
the rafting. As the journey continued the rapids became more
challenging but everyone still managed stay on board. We travelled
downstream at a fast pace and before we knew it we had finished.
Overall the experience was enjoyed by the vast majority however the
element of fear was dominant to a couple of individuals. After the
rafting was over the group enjoyed a quiet afternoon at the campsite
before getting ready to leave the site the following morning.


Yesterday we got up and had our breakfast in the smart stay hostel which was very pleasant. After our breakfast we decided on going into Munich to do some sightseeing as we are in our cultral phrase. So we left the hostel and headed into the city centre which was called Marienplatz which was really interesting as there was this old clock tower where at specific times the figures on the clock tower would tell differnt stories from German history. As it was a Sunday there was alot of church services on. So Geraldine as duty leader decided it would be a good idea to look into the churches which it was as these churches were so beautifully detailed. After we had been in the churches we decided it would be a good idea to vist the English Gardens and as it was a lovely hot day it made it all the better. The group ended up walking apon this beer festival which was really instresting as the locals had put on amazing performances of traditional german dancing. After we finished at the festival we headed past an Italian restaurant which had fairly decent food after we finsihed we headed back to the hostel for the night.

We all headed for breakfast in one of bedrooms we had in hostel which was nice as Pat picked some lovely food for us to eat. After breakfast we headed to get the subway and underground to Dachau to look around the memorial site when we finally arrived after one very full bus journey we all went of in groups. The experience we all pretty much from Dachau was that it was very sobering. After our day at Dachau we headed to the Olympic park which was really fun as we were allowed to go of in groups to explore the differnt eventing arenas and we even had time to go look in tbe BMW museum. After all that excitement we headed to this amazing looking Italian restaurants we spotted which was only underneath tbe hostel and I can very well say that the meal was delicious. After that we headed back to the hostel for the night.

Charlotte and Francis

The memorial sculpture at Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site.
The memorial sculpture at Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site.


All well.
We are now camped out in Munich airport, putting rucksacks into rice sacks, ready for checking in. Lots of time to spare. More nearer dep. time.