The highest country in the world was picked as the first destination
of Borders Exploration Group and was an unrivalled success for seventeen

The community phase was undertaken in
Thaba Khuha
a small village outside the capital, Maseru. Here the group picked up shovels
and helped build a stretch of road, clearing and digging dhongas (ditches)
and building small dams in these dhonghas. Our venturers and leaders worked
alongside their Basutho hosts and stayed with them in hutted accommodation.
The Basutho we were working with, were participants in the "Price Mahato
Trust" an organisation similar to our own Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.

Having teamed up with their appropriate Basutho host, each venturer
then undertook an individual project/study phase eg. traditional medicine;
comparative health studies, Veterinary work in Lesotho; local policing, local
ceremonies and dental health.

The adventure
phase included the Basutho and split into two groups. One group went pony
trekking through the beautiful Malutti Mountains, staying in small villages
and sleeping on dust floors. The other group walked in the Malutti mountains
and slept one night in a cave on a mountain peak.

Two of the group left us to work on an archaelogical survey. The locals
were as welcoming as everywhere else, they gave up their own rondival (round
hut) for our venturers to stay in. In fact, they had cleaned them out thoroughly
and especially laid fresh dung for them to be able to sleep comfortably!!

The whole group joined up again to stay in a Children's village. In
reality, an orphanage which
is run like a
small village with the children not only attending school but also running
a small farm. The produce supplies the village, with the excess being sold
in the market in Maseru. While there, we graded eggs, cleaned out pig sties,
washed carrots etc.

After being entertained at the British Embassy, the Scots said some
very sad farewells to the Basutho and travelled into South Africa for a few
days in the National parks, a swim in the Indian Ocean near Durban, visits
to the Boer War sites and a gold mine.

A hectic few days to round off an excellent Expedition to one of the
most beutiful and friendly countries in the world.