The European Expedition originally began with plans to visit Turkey and explore the remote area of St Paul's Trail. Due to the high temperatures in July and August it was proposed to take the expedition in September. However this time of year made it difficult to recruit Venturers from schools and universities and even with increased publicity in other areas we failed to get applications from youngsters out with the education sector. This difficulty with recruitment, combined with a high level of publicity regarding an outbreak of Bird Flu in Turkey, led to the decision to change the destination to Norway and a new date of August 6th – 20th. It was felt that although Norway is probably one of the most developed countries in the world and very different from the primitive environment of the developing countries associated with B.E.G. expeditions it could offer challenges that would meet the aims of the organisation. A new date of August 6th-20th was set and recruitment began again in earnest.

You can download the Norway report here. Please be patient when waiting for the file to download as it's quite large.